From fashion to music to culture, Levi's® has always been about pushing trends forward and inspiring what's next. By re-interpreting classics for a modern age, we're making timeless icons resonate with a new generation. See how we're celebrating those who dedicate hard work, craft, and innovation to remaster icons for today.

A Modern Throwback

Alicia Bognanno

As founder and front woman of Bully, Alicia spends as much time mastering her craft behind the scenes as she does on stage. She takes a unique approach to producing her own music, choosing to record with analog equipment. This gives her a fresh sound that's energetic, uninhibited, and unapologetic.

Head of Levi's® Global Design

Jonathan Cheung

"Levi's® is a blank canvas for people to express their individuality. The jean reflects the personality of the wearer - it moves, it fades, it changes. It’s a reflection of your lifestyle. That’s why I believe the Levi’s® 501 is the most influential piece of clothing design in human history."